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Welcome to CLO!


The Cell Line Ontology (CLO) is a community-driven ontology that is developed to standardize and integrate cell line information and support computer-assisted reasoning.

The CLO development has becoming a community effort with international collaborations. Our development consortium includes experts from all over the world: the USA, Europe, and Japan.



Sarntivijai S, Xiang Z, Meehan TF, Diehl AD,Vempati U, Schurer S, Pang C, Malone J, Parkinson H, Athey BD, He Y. Cell Line Ontology: Redesigning Cell Line Knowledgebase to Aid Integrative Translational Informatics. International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO), University at Buffalo, NY, July 26-30, 2011. Full length paper. Pages 25 - 32.